Coming Soon – Spring 2021:

Fall 2020:

Spring 2020:

Fall 2019:


Syllabus Victorian Medievalism (ENL 4210)

Syllabus The Gothic (LIT 3702)

ENG 2012 Online Syllabus Fall 2019 – “Posthumanism: Animal, Vegetable, Mineral”

Spring Term 2019:

ENL 4250 Syllabus Alias Victorian: Doubles, Doppelgangers, and Multiples

ENL 4254 Syllabus Suffragettes, Blue Stockings, and Inverts: the New Woman Novel

Fall Term 2018:


ENL 3506 Syllabus Sex and the City – a survey of British literature 1660 to present

LIT 4931 WST 4260 Syllabus Women Write Empire

Lit 1000 Introduction to Literature Online Syllabus

Spring Term 2018:

ENL 4251 Victorian Poetry Syllabus – “The Social Measures of Victorian Poetry”

ENG 2012 Online Approaches to Literature Syllabus – “Scales of Judgment”

ENG 2012 BBC Approaches to Literature Syllabus  – “Scales of Judgment”

Fall Term 2017:

ENG 2012 BBC Approaches to Literature Syllabus – “Scales of Judgment”

LIT 4931 Domesticity Syllabus – “A Woman’s Place: Home, Work, and the Nation in 19th-Century British Literature”:

ENL 4251, Syllabus Women Write Empire