In my role as Media Director for the Florida International University English Department, I create media (digital and print “fliers” and iMovie trailers) to promote courses for the English department at FIU. In 2020, I also began learning to paint with watercolors and become a drafts person with charcoal and graphite.

A brief selection of my visual creative work follows.

Here is an iMovie trailer I created for my ENL 4303 Adaptations of Austen and the Brontes course at FIU during AY 2020-21.
This iMovie trailer is one that I created for my colleague Dr. Kenneth Johnson’s course
LIT 3930 Representations of Evil at FIU (Spring 2021).
I created this iMovie trailer for my Honors Course IDH 3034 Cultures of the Anthropocene (Spring 2021). I will be co-teaching this course across universities with my colleague and friend Doreen Thierauf at North Carolina Wesleyan.
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