Student Projects and Infographics

Infographic from “Sex and the City” (Fall 2019):


Model Student Final Alternative Projects: Each of the following projects were created as final assignments in my course on nineteenth-century women writing about the British empire. They were accompanied by Artist’s Statements that articulated the critical stakes of these art works as interpretive.

***models used with student permission; please do not duplicate or disseminate without express permission of this website’s owner and creator

PROJECT 1: This student created a poetry chapbook/scrapbook in which the poems responded to Victorian women poets writing about empire (Monique Mercado Rodriguez).

PROJECT 2: This student created a welded steel statue of Jane Eyre as a bird cage to express the forms of imprisonment the novel explores (student chose to remain anonymous).

PROJECT 3: This student created an oil painting of Toru Dutt’s “Our Casuarina Tree” through which she explores animality as a figure for death in this poem (Monica Santana). If you look carefully at the lake image at the bottom, the student included a momento mori in the form of a half skull face (middle image).

PROJECT 4: This student created a travel case for Mary Seacole, complete with a medical kit, clothing, a compass, and a diary (Isabella Garcia).